Cold Fusion Generator

Cold Fusion Generator (CFG)

Cold Fusion Generator (CFG) will be used to farm Energy Token ($ENXT). There is no limit for CFG like PAGMs.

  • Players will be able to buy 1 CFG per account at the moment.
  • The base price for CFG is 5000 $AVXT.
  • CFGs will be bought as Level 0.
  • Players need to upgrade CFG to level 1 to start to use.
  • Upgrading a CFG into Level 1 requires only 1 Scientist nothing else.
  • Locking a scientist into CFG and paying the upgrade cost with $ENXT will upgrade it to the next levels beyond 1.
  • The required amount of scientists to upgrade CFG is 1 and the required $ENXT is 25 for each level.
  • Scientists will be locked permanently in CFG for upgrading the level of CFG.
  • CFG will be able to produce while upgrading.
  • Users should claim their $ENXT Tokens every 24 hours. After 24 hours, unclaimed CFGs won’t produce more $ENXT.
  • 100 $ENXT Tokens will be airdropped for each Personal Avaxtar Generating Machine (PAGM).

Cold Fusion Generator Table is shown below:

Cold Fusion Generator Table